For More Than 160 Years, The A. E. Schmidt Billiard Company Has Produced The Finest Custom Made Billiard Tables. Today, These Premier Tables Are Available In The UK Through An Arrangement With Leeds Based, American Billiard Company Ltd.

“In a world of mass production and cheap goods, A.E. Schmidt pool tables stand out like a single malt scotch in the middle of a six pack of canned beers,” said American Billiard Company UK’s Managing Director Mike Hemmins.

Begun in 1850 by German immigrant to the US Ernst Schmidt, the St. Louis based company’s reputation for quality has remained throughout the years. The company uses solid hardwoods 4/6 inch thick for the cabinets, with each cabinet constructed using traditional dowel-pin assembly, forming the strongest joint possible and ensuring that tables can be moved and maintained time after time with no issue, unlike modern screw and bolt frames.
“No particle board here,” Mr. Hemmins said.

“This is solid wood construction just like you’d find on high-end furniture. Square legs are built on a 45’ lock mitre with teeth. This interlocks to form the most stable leg possible, and carved legs are produced over a period of weeks to ensure stability, durability and of course the unmatched quality.”

It’s all about providing value for money. Schmidt proudly hand craft their tables in the US with methods and techniques learnt since the company built its’ first table all those years ago. Each frame is pre-assembled in the factory and the joints numbered to ensure the table goes together level on site. It’s not rocket science, but it does mean that we care about the products that make it into customer’s game rooms

In a world where ‘one size fits all,’ it’s refreshing to know any A. E. Schmidt pool table can be custom built to the buyer’s requirements
“Customers can choose the standard model, swap different legs or pockets, or even have us design a completely new table just for them” Mr. Hemmins said. In the 160+ years since Ernst Schmidt first began hand crafting the finest game room furniture, a stones throw from the Mississippi River, understanding the secret to a great product is providing just what the customer wants, rather than the modern way of telling the customer what they want, has kept A. E. Schmidt flourishing whilst others have floundered.

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American Billiard Company Ltd is a specialist distributor of high quality American pool tables and related items. Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire the company has been successfully installing game rooms since 1998

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