Orlando, FL - September 16, 2016 - Vitamins and minerals are essential for the functioning and health of the body. One of these minerals is magnesium, which in some parts of the world is not widely consumed.

Americans are believed to be more susceptible to a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium and minerals used to be a big part of the diet of the American population. Unfortunately, it decreased when the farming technology began to be utilized.

According to some experts, this farming technology has encouraged the use of inorganic fertilizers. There are several other factors that may reduce the levels of magnesium from the soil, such as overuse of phosphates, nitrates, and ammonia drains.

The combination of low magnesium soil concentrations and modern food processing has also decreased the availability of environmental magnesium. These factors are believed to significantly contribute to the rise in the number of individuals who are magnesium deficient.

It is important to remember that the body is enveloped with iron, lead, aluminum, and other chemical pollutants. The interaction of magnesium with these chemical pollutants has been linked with the increased need of the body in magnesium requirements.

Loss of magnesium has been linked with the development of anorexia nervosa and other medical conditions as well as alcohol abuse and prolonged use of antibiotics.
Modern technology has been used to measure magnesium levels in the body. The skeletal muscles and blood cells are typically measured.

The importance of sufficient magnesium levels in the body cannot be overlooked. Those who have already suffered from a heart attack or are at the risk of the condition are often advised to increase their intake of magnesium.

Sufficient magnesium intake may also be highly recommended to individuals with high blood pressure and ventricular arrhythmia.

Scientific evidences recommend that proper administration of magnesium, which should be based on certain protocols in proper dosages, may potentially help to decrease the risk of death in those who have already suffered from heart attack.

To increase magnesium levels in the body, consumers may choose foods such as leafy green vegetables, apricots, bananas, soy products, seafood, fish, grain, brown rice, nuts, and seeds.

It may be essential to increase magnesium intake to reduce the health risk associated with its deficiency. Tofu, figs, kelp, and pumpkin seeds are examples of foods with the highest magnesium levels.

By nourishing the body with enough levels of magnesium, certain symptoms and the risk of developing various diseases and disorders may potentially be reduced.

Consumers may also take supplements to increase magnesium levels in the body. They may also opt for a magnesium oil spray, which may help to directly deliver the potentially therapeutic properties of magnesium to the body via the skin.
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