A prominent US online portal specializing in finance has recently released an article containing tips on how American citizens could protect their self-employed courier jobs and other self-employed initiatives. The increasing number of self-employed workers, both in the United States and abroad, lends the piece a great deal of relevance, justifying its publication in the well-known portal. 

Unsurprisingly, a good portion of the article is devoted to workers’ compensation and insurance. Self-employed workers in all fields, and not just self-employed courier jobs, are advised to ensure that they are suitably covered, both in terms of downtime pay and in what pertains to health benefits. While the means for obtaining these perks vary from one American state to the next, they are generally obtainable by sole providers, usually from a pre-appointed state fund. 

Alternatively, self-employed workers may purchase supplemental accident insurance, which provides protection and coverage at a flat, often affordable rate. This is meant, however, to be viewed as a supplemental or complementary insurance, which serves as a sort of ‘back-up policy’, rather than a worker’s main form of coverage. 

As far as health benefits go, workers are advised to consider policies carefully before purchasing, as they may not need the additional services that a seemingly good deal has on offer. It is often best to contract more sensible insurance policies, focusing on what one actually needs for their line of work, as doing so will prevent workers from paying for a bundle deal that they will, ultimately, have very little use for. Similarly, while most people will opt for a short-term disability policy (which offers more immediate benefits for a lower price), considering a long-term disability contract may also be worthwhile, especially for older workers or those in riskier, more accident prone fields, such as in self-employed courier jobs . 

The number of self-employed Americans in 2010 was 22.1 million, a considerable 14.4% of the total civilian workforce. 

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