25 July, 2014: Leading American newspaper the Huffington post, known for endorsing Italian destinations on the travel section of their website, recently did just that, publishing a list of reasons why more holidaymakers should consider Sardinia holidays. 

The article, the header to which labelled Sardinia the ‘ultimate’ destination for a summer vacation in Italy, presented its arguments in the form of a bullet-point list, consisting of eight points in total. Reasons presented for taking Sardinia holidays ranged from opportunities for indulging in agro-tourism to the beauty of both the region’s coasts. 

In fact, both ‘Costa Smeralda’ (the Emerald Coast) and ‘Costa Paradiso’ (the ‘Paradise Coast’) spearheaded the list, with the periodical considering both to be worthy of their names. Located in the north-northeast of Sardinia, holidays to both these coasts were highly recommended, with their many golf courses and family friendly resorts — as well as their excellent beaches — making them perfect for tourists wanting to enjoy a well-rounded seaside break in Europe’s boot. 

According to the piece in question, however, the charms of Sardinia do not exhaust themselves at just the beaches; in its list, the Huffington Post presents plenty of other options tourists visiting this area can indulge in. Agro-tourism, for instance, is a rather popular form of getting to know rural Sardinia by staying in local farms and ranches, while the region’s traditional ‘nuraghi’ (hollow heaps of stone of mysterious provenance, only found in Sardinia) will likely delight fans of history. The province’s capital, Cagliari, is also considered well worth a visit by the newspaper, although its charms lie quite apart from those of the beachfront areas. 

As a final argument in favour of Sardinia holidays, the Huffington Post mentions its mouth-watering food and excellent wine, which have been drawing foodies and wine lovers to the region for decades. 

Sardinia is, alongside Tuscany and Sicily, one of the most popular destinations for an Italian holiday, and this article should only help boost that profile. 

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