08, January 2015: One 5 star evaluation for the Freddie and Sebbie stroller hook clips was left on December 29, 2014 by Dikla, who says… “I’ve just been utilizing this product for a couple of days now, but it already seems to be a wonderful addition to my stroller, as well as being extremely durable. We have in fact used it today effectively to carry the car seat connector, which is rather heavy and cumbersome to carry by hand on public transportation. Another advantage this specific product has is that you can set the stroller hook clips in different places, according to what you need to carry, and what’s already hooked on the stroller. Finally, you really get 2 hooks that you can utilize as a system to lug bags horizontally for easier access, or as 2 various hooks for much better weight balance, which helps to avoid the stroller from tipping. Seriously, a fantastic buy.”

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Mommy Alison says so far so good, and mentions that the Freddie and Sebbie stroller hook clips were very easy to attach while they did appear to be strong, as well as being a great fit for her Graco Modes stroller. Jason Conaty from Bloomington concurs, saying… “I’ve been using these stroller clips for virtually 6 months now. They don’t slip at all, and they easily hold my very heavy baby bag in place. I have commonly needed to attach completely loaded grocery bags to the clips in addition to my infant bag, and nothing ever falls or slips, so overall this has most likely been among the best baby products I have ever purchased.”

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Another Amazon validated customer says… “I bought these clips for my Graco Running Stroller to assist free up my hands throughout a recent Disneyland Journey. They fit the handles nicely, and are able to manage several bags and my boys backpack without the issue of tipping the stroller or clips breaking. I have no immediate thoughts about taking them off the stroller due to the fact that they are really practical, and I now wish I had actually purchased them before!”

Lastly L. Tong just says… “Amazing stroller hooks!” The Amazon client adds… “We have the Britax Affinity stroller, and the handle is quite thick. I had actually been looking all over for a hook that would fit our particular stroller, and finally discovered it! The Freddie and Sebbie stroller hook clips fit perfectly on the handles and are extremely strong. I like the way they look, and would certainly recommend this product to other moms and dads.”

In a recent business report, Freddie and Sebbie representative Neil Speight says that in the unlikely event of any stroller hook clips breaking, customers would be safeguarded by the life time no-hassle replacement guarantee, which Freddie and Sebbie provides with all of their stroller accessories.

For further information about the new Freddie and Sebbie Stroller Hook Clips, visit http://www.amazon.com/Stroller-Hook-Clips-Guaranteed-Replacement/dp/B00CKSU82K/

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