Amazon recently launched the summer car lover’s hottest commodity: The Microtidy Microfiber Mitt and Towel Set.  Microtidy found abundant success with its most recent release.  The set boasts the highest thread count automotive drying chamois on the market, and a polishing and buffing mitt that that leaves the car’s exterior sparkling.

The product has been so popular that Microtidy executives have made it a primary focus to share their recent success with those that need it the most.  Accordingly, Microtidy has began doing “pop-up” events in communities scattered throughout the country.

Microtidy design expert Rory Pendergast came up with the idea to host what he called “work spurts” for the homeless.  Pendergast went to homeless shelters in twelve states and chose ten men at each shelter to work for $50 an hour.  The men were each given five, 8-hour shifts.  Microtidy paid each man $2,000 total for the five days work and helped them find housing for six months as well.

Pendergast stated “ This was ideal not just for these men that we helped out, but also for us.  It was a win-win situation.  These men were extremely capable of performing the job, and just needed an opportunity.  I talked to several men who said that they had tried to find employment, but found it extremely difficult.  It was truly remarkable to see their demeanor change and watch them warm up to life after the opportunity we provided.

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