Summer is here.  It is time to fire up the grill and enjoy good food with good friends and family.  Amazon’s newest grilling product just hit the market. The Grill Guru was created to enhance any grill fanatic’s arsenal with this set of elite grilling essentials.  These days, a product’s success is determined by affordability and effectiveness in the marketplace.  The Grill Guru measures well in both.

The Grill Guru is a four-piece grill set that comes equipped with an attachable grill light, heavy-duty grill brush and a grill thermometer.  The attachable grill light makes cooking at nighttime easy.  The grill thermometer allows the grill chef to cook all products to the exact, intended temperature every time.  The grill brush is designed to clean the surface of the grill quickly and effectively.  For the sake of convenience, a screwdriver and batteries are also included in the grill set.

Grill Guru design spokesman Ronald Pathington stated  “We designed the Grill Guru to be great for family cookouts as well as camping trips.  The set is designed to be simple, yet extremely essential to make grilling easy.”

The Grill Guru is the most affordably priced grill set on the market at $40 and was designed with durability as a key focus.  Product Quality Executive Richard Jennings stated “The goal was to create lightweight products that would be able to last any avid grill chef a lifetime.”  Jennings was so confident in his product’s quality that he suggested the lifetime money back guarantee so buyers would understand how much pride he took in building a product superior to the competition.

The Grill Guru is efficient above all.  Purchasing each of the items provided in the pack individually is expensive and inconvenient.  The Grill Guru takes care of that issue.  Another noteworthy product introduced by Amazon.  You can find the Grill Guru online at Amazon.

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