Amazon’s hottest product, the Grill Guru grill set has one major problem: keeping up with an unanticipated volume of sales.  Summer sales have skyrocketed far past company executive’s predictions, and the surprise is not one Grill Guru executives are stressing about.  The company was well prepared to gear up production to match the demand of the grill set, however, what is shocking is how quickly and passionately avid summer grillers have taken to an extremely efficient, yet relatively simple grill set.

Grill Guru design spokesman Ronald Pathington stated “ I have to be honest here.  I do not believe that any of our executives were aware of the magnitude of success the Grill Guru would have this early.  We knew we had a product superior to our competition, but we did not expect to be selling as many sets as we have this fast.  We have doubled our predicted first quarter sales and still have plenty of time to increase those numbers drastically.”

The practicality and simplicity of the grill set has taken hold of consumers.  Product Quality Executive Richard Jennings weighed in stating “ We believe that the vast majority of Americans do not need or want a grill set that is overly complicated.  We have had plenty of grill experts that have tested, purchased, and enjoyed the Grill Guru grill set.  However, the majority of our purchases have been from Americans that enjoy cooking outdoors with their families.  That is why the Grill Guru has been so successful.”

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