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One of the greatest things about the HealthyWiser and its partnership with Amazon is that consumers are connected to each other. They can interact well on how each of them has used the products, and how the products have provided them with benefits.

HealthyWiser offers pH test strips when it comes to testing the right levels of pH levels of the human body, as advised by health experts since pH is a window to the overall health of people. It is interesting to note that there is a particular customer on Amazon who, aside from sharing the review, even found time to offer other customers on how they can make the most out of the HealthyWiser pH test strips.

“I have always been curious about the alkalinity of my body,” wrote Amazon customer According To Archie. “I was very excited when the opportunity to try these was available. These are packaged in a small case that was easy to put into my purse. I also compared it with a color test from the clinic and it was very accurate.”

Aside from the review, this Amazon user provided some helpful hints and tips that other customers can follow whenever using the pH test strips. According to Archie stated that it is better to test the saliva upon walking up when people get up from bed.

“First thing in the morning right when you get out of bed, lick and wet the middle box of the ph test strip. Note the color change and write down that ph number. Do this before brushing your teeth, drinking, smoking or even thinking of eating any food. This pH should be 6.8,” the Amazon user stated.

The customer also advised pH testing of the second urine in the morning since the urine during the night and during the first time upon waking up are acids in nature.

“Drain your bladder in the morning, the last time you get up if you get up during the night and then see what that urine pH is. Again, record this number. This number should be the pH of your urine after you got rid of your acid load from the day before. The acids should be gone the second time you go to the bathroom so your urine pH should be around 6.8 also,” the customer wrote further.

Some other helpful tips that this customer provided are testing the saliva after eating breakfast and checking the pH level of the urine anytime between breakfast and lunch, and in between lunch and dinner.

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