10 December, 2013: Aside from being a means of transportation for their youngsters, new moms know that strollers have way more benefits to expect. 

Stroller Hook Clips for Diaper Bag

Strollers are also mobile diaper changing tables, beds, toyboxes and a plethora of other things. Nevertheless, stroller isn’t an ideal stuff to hang a diaper or purse. 

Rachel Baker-Butts said, “When I take my child out for a walk or anywhere for that matter, I need to carry virtually everything I have,” “and I need something to keep my purse and even grocery bags.” 

Neil Speight and brother Martin are Founders of Freddie and Sebbie and are family men. Between them both they have six children. The youngest two are twins: Freddie and Sebbie. They are the men behind the presence of Stroller Hook Clips. Just like any other of their products, coming up with such was due to having kids. 

The Stroller Hook Clips is a robust clip that links to the stroller handle with Velcro, the Stroller Hook Clips meant relief to shoulders. The attachment of each clip is attained firmly with Velcro and you can be assured of a tight grip with its snap-hinge design. “The clip holds anything you need,” said Neil, “and they all have a 100 percent full-replacement guarantee.” 

JB, a client at Amazon.com and exclusive retailer for the Stroller Hook Clips, had this to say, “I bought this merchandise according to all the excellent reviews and everyone was right! We have a double stroller which features storage compartments. But the problem is, my diaper bag doesn’t fit into it. These clips are incredibly sturdy, not an eye sore at all and work good. They hold my diaper bag which is pretty heavy easily. 

If you are searching for a distinctive way to store your bag then I would suggest this product to you. Stroller Hook Clipss and all of the Freddie and Sebbie line can be purchased through Amazon.com. 

Freddie and Sebbie baby line products are created to the highest standards in quality, security and dependability, Neil, says they believe in giving the very best to both guardian and child and the new Stroller Hook Clips do just that. For details and further information about these new Stroller Hook Clips, please check out the following website link: http://www.amazon.com/Stroller-Hook-Clips-Guaranteed-Replacement/dp/B00CKSU82K/ 

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