Many individuals are unable to adequately fulfill their duties because they suffer from excruciating back and neck pain. If you have episodes of intense cervical neck pain and you want to receive an efficient treatment you should seek the assistance of a doctor of chiropractic. After forming an overall picture of your overall health status and conducting a thorough examination, a Chiropractor will advise a treatment plan designed to help you feel better.


Neck pain is often associated with inappropriate movement, poor posture, obesity, stress, as well as degenerative disc diseases, neck strain, neck injury, and fibromyalgia. The pain is often dull at the beginning but it can become much more intense if it is left untreated for a long time period. In case you experience symptoms such as numbness, tingling, pulsations or dizziness, these maybe related to cervical neck pain. Hence, you should seek the assistance of a Chiropractor who will diagnose the condition and recommend a course of treatment.


In order to diagnose your cervical neck pain, the Chiropractor must first review the history of your symptoms and gather as many details as possible concerning the duration, the location and the intensity of the pain. As part of assessing your health status and getting a general idea about the pain that you are experiencing, the Chiropractor will examine your neck and search for injuries or for the presence of imbalance.


The good news is that there are a multitude of treatment options for back and neck pain and most of them yield excellent results. The Chiropractor will also recommend neck pain relief exercises and may suggest hot pads or ice packs to help alleviate pain. If you would rather not resort to drugs or surgery to treat your pain, you should seek the help of a chiropractor.


After diagnosing your condition, the chiropractor will suggest a care plan designed to reduce your pain. Commonly, Chiropractors use spinal adjustments, a procedure that improves the mobility of the spine and adjoining muscles. The treatment plans developed by chiropractors may also include mobilization, massage or rehabilitation exercises. So if you do not want to treat your pain with drugs or surgery, there are other alternatives that can produce excellent results and that are worth trying. Consequently, seeing a chiropractor may be the best solution for you.



If you want to efficiently treat your back and neck pain or your cervical neck pain without resorting to drugs, we invite you to make an appointment with us. We will strive to provide you with efficient treatment options that will make your pain disappear once and for all.