Denver, Colorado; 22, July 2016: During the press conference of the company yesterday, held at Denver Colorado, the company spokesperson, Ms. Pamela Agustin, spoke in front of the large crowd to discuss the potency of their skincare product. Then, she mentioned that their formula is even better than Botox, due to some factors to consider. “Our skincare brand plays better than Botox. Hence, more and more AlluraDerm Wrinkle Cream reviews are posted on the web day after day,” she said.

There are 5 considerable reasons, according to Ms. Agustin, why their product is better than Botox.

* It is painlessly working.
* It is harmlessly performing.
* It has herbs-based ingredients.
* The formulators are recognized.
* It has an affordable price than surgeries’ costs.

“By considering all these factors,” said Ms Agustin, “people should try our product. It is really better than those invasive techniques and procedures. The increasing reviews on the web manifest and affirm truly our claim.”

The main ingredients of this product were specified. This formula has:

* Argireline
* Aloe Vera Extract
* Sweet Carrot Extract
* Cucumber Extract
* Trylagen
* Sweet Almond Oil

These ingredients are all clinically tested. They could effectuate good results, so long as this formula is used every single day. “The main key is daily usage,” further stated the spokesperson.

Eventually, Ms. Agustin announced that AlluraDerm Wrinkle Cream has an offered risk-free trial program, where all potential users can avail of online. “All they have to do is to process the said risk-free trial only. They would have to only pay for the freight and delivery cost,” she said.

This formula has an official website, since this is not available offline.