If you are planning on changing your name and using it in a legal capacity, you will require a deed poll. This is a legal document that informs the government, financial institutions, and various other organisations that you have changed your name. More importantly, it signifies that the transformation was completely legal. This way, you will be able to have your new name on your passport and driving license, and use it to sign up for credit cards. Here is what you need to know about deed poll:

Who Needs a Deed Poll?
Anyone who is not getting married or entering a civil partnership, but requires a name change, needs a deed poll. Whether you are just changing your forename or your surname, you will require this document to prove that your name was legally changed. If you are changing the name of your child who happens to be a minor, you will need this document as well. If your child is over the age of sixteen, they will be required to sign a deed poll of their own to undergo a name change.

Getting a Deed Poll
Obtaining a deed poll is now easier than ever. If you are looking for an unenrolled deed poll, all you need is an online service such as UK Deed Poll Office. Then, you simply have to provide the agency with a few details and make online payments, and your request will be processed. You will receive a deed poll by mail shortly. All you have to do, then, is have the deed poll signed, witnessed, and dated. Your deed poll can then be utilised immediately.

Using a Deed Poll
As mentioned, a deed poll is required to facilitate the changing of your name on various records. Currently, the government, your landlord, the DVLA, and HM passport agency are under the assumption that you are using the name you were given at birth. You are going to have to send your deed poll along with a signed statement to inform them of the changes to your name. They will then have to update the records that they have. Only once the majority of the records have been changed will your name be legally accepted. Once the necessary changes have been made, you will be able to use your altered name for any purpose.

Exceptions to Deed Polls
The information provided here for name changes via deed poll is targeted towards most British nationals. Not everyone falls under the same purview. For instance, if you are a Scottish national or were born in Scotland, you will have to change your name in a different manner. If you are a British national but living outside the country, there may be slight alterations to the process as well. If you are simply living in the UK, but have not undergone nationalization, you may be required to visit your nation’s embassy. If you wish to change the name of your child, you will require permission from all parties with parental responsibility before you can do so.

These are all the details that you require regarding deed polls. You should make sure that you are following all of the legal regulations for acquiring a deed poll and changing your name.

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