Singapore, December 7, 2013: The 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in the US was an unfortunate incident and which dramatically changed the global scenario, bringing numerous challenges, limitations and restrictions for the common masses, especially for expats who often migrate from one nation to the other. In view of the changing global scenario, the website Expat World decided to extend their much-needed assistance to the expats, offering them valuable guidance so that they can travel from one country to the other safely and without coming across any difficulty.

Besides updating the website content with a new viewpoint, bringing several important reports and findings for the benefit of the expat community, the creators of the site decided to revive their newsletter with new features and columns which can offer expats the best possible guidance and knowledge for their smooth and hassle-free travel or immigration from one country to a particular country. Although they have been publishing newsletter for the past 28 years, but the new format has been conceptualized with an objective of focusing more on certain issues that expats might face in the new world order following the 9/11 attacks.

The newsletter, titled “the newsletter of international living” helps readers to learn more about the changing world. The newsletter brings important information related to traveling to different destinations, acquiring second passport, availing facilities of international banking and a host of other details that one might need for traveling to a new place in a foreign country. The newsletter also reveals details for a person to learn how to protect privacy and maintains one’s secrecy that often become an important element of one’s safety on an alien land.

The website releases their newly designed newsletters in a periodic manner and the idea is to show people the truly changing scenario of the world in which we are living today. Besides the newsletter, the website brings many unique products and services for the expats or people with an international thinking. To learn more about their services or in order to subscribe to their newsletter, one may visit the website .

About Expat World:

Expat World is a website dedicated to discussing issues of the expat community that they often come across in the newly emerged world post 9/11 attacks. The website offers unique services, knowledge and information for the benefit of the expats and the international thinkers. They also publish a newsletter that brings various knowledge and insights for the expats.

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