01, March 2016: In Airwheel, it is the unswerving service principle to be attentive to every advice and feedback from customer or end user. Airwheel thinks they produce intelligent self-balancing scootersfor every user and customer with the intention of bringing happiness to them and sharing the fun with them. Alie has such an experience—she gave her feedback to Airwheel designers for a pickup in user’s experience.


Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing scooter S3 was pushed out in the year of 2015. Alie took part in the event. She witnessed the festival occasion when Airwheel S3 made its debut. The dashing exterior and innovative design took her aback. The audience around her thought highly of this kind of new model. After the event, there was a golden opportunity intended for users’ trial ride.

Alie was fortunate to snatch at the opportunity to have a go at it. The amazing riding experience was so satisfactory that Alie did not want to get off Airwheel S3. But she found a snag in the handlebars of Airwheel S3. When she tried to get a hold of them, the handlebars were easy to slip off her hands especially when she turned around. She thought this was potential dangerous. What’s worse, it may put a dent in the experience of ride. She decided to send e-mail to Airwheel designers for her feedback.


Having arrived at her house, he had tuned on her PC and wrote a detailed e-mail to Airwheel designer. In her e-mail, she extended her warm compliment on Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent scooter S3 and at the same time expressed her concerns about the handlebars. She also listed her priceless advices and the way to pick up the rider’s experience. Weeks later, Airwheel got back to her and showed the greatest gratitude to her. More importantly, Airwheel transformed the handlebars into the threaded ones according her advices.

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