Orlando, FL— May 30, 2016 — Alcoholism is one of the oldest and unhealthiest vices that many people are still suffering from today. While it jeopardizes various aspects of a person’s life, many alcoholics seem to be helpless regarding their uncontrollable cravings for alcohol. The good news is that there is a natural ingredient that is believed to be helpful for fighting diseases associated with alcoholism.

Alcoholics may benefit from fish oil for protection against brain cell loss and dementia. Alcoholism is damaging not just to the social and relationship aspects of people’s lives, but also to their health. Alcohol has various damaging effects in the body and overall health.

“Fish oil can be found in fish such as herring, tuna, sardines, and halibut. There are also fish oil supplements available,” said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O’Sullivan.

Fish oil contains omega-3 fats, which are healthy fats believed to be essential for body and brain functioning and overall health improvement. These fats have been a subject of many studies due to the health benefits associated with their use, including the positive effects on alcoholics.

PLOS One published a study that revealed omega-3 fats could potentially afford protection to excessive drinkers from dementia and neurodamage caused by alcoholism. According to experts, drinking excessively for a long period of time can significantly increase dementia risk. However, adding fish oil in one’s diet can help protect the brain cells against inflammation as well as neuronal cell death.

In an animal-based study, the researchers exposed the brain cells of adult rats to amounts of alcohol equivalent to around four times the amount legal for driving. The cells were also exposed to a form of omega-3 fats known as docosahexaenoic acid ((DHA). It was found that the cells exposed to omega-3 fats had experienced less neuroinflammation and neuronal death by 90 percent.

According to Michael A. Collins, the lead author of the animal-based study, fish oil has the potential ability to maintain the brain integrity in abusers. One of the best things about it is that fish oil wouldn’t hurt them. Fish oil is popularized by its ability to regulate inflammation. Deficiency of omega-3 fats has been associated with a range of health problems such as arthritis, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.

Taking fish oil supplements is believed to be helpful for fighting medical conditions, including those that affect alcoholic individuals. Fish oil has been very popular for the past years, and is a subject of many high quality studies (amazon.com/Omega-Fish-Oil-Supplement-Softgels/dp/B00O8NS20K/).

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