16, May 2016: A fast life is closely related to your trip mode. However, allcars and buses are helpless in front of traffic jam. Everyone is long for a step ahead, however, these troubles perplex you. While, Airwheel Z5 foldable electric scooter is popular with the young men and young women who usually commute between the workplace and residence, by virtue of its convenient design and stylish externality.

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To begin with, the great popularity of AirwheelZ5 2-wheeled electric scooter is from its portability. Concealed lock catch design and triple folding system enable the folded Z5 to be carried around more conveniently. Z5 is easy to fold by lifting and pulling with three simple steps: Lift button, Pull down the scooter head and Finish folding. Airwheel Z5 is small in size and weight. One set of Airwheel Z5 weighs merely 14 kg. Hence, even a woman can lift it by either of hands and it can be easily stored in car trunk and under the office desk.


In addition, thebattery of AirwheelZ5 standing up electric scooter is designed to be modular. It is placed in external that can be inserted and extracted. Just buy backup batteries to achieve longer range. Moreover, the high efficient USB on the battery is compatible with the mainstream smart phones and digital equipment. That is, Airwheel Z5 is not only more convenient to be charged, but also provides electricity to daily electronics.


Furthermore, Airwheel Z5 eco-friendly electric scooter, powered by the electricity, is eco-friendly, which produces no emission into the air. As known to all, the air quality in the city is going from bad to worse. Airwheel Z5 serves as an alternative transport to protect the surrounding environment.

Sleek curved lines with contracted design give consideration to vision and experience, more fashionable and comfortable. Now, embrace a brand-new trip mode. With Z5 two-wheeled intelligent scooter, you can lead a fast life. In a word, Airwheel Z5 is noteworthy.

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