10, May 2016: Currently, people become so dependent on vehicles such as cars that they do not want to walk. However, they have to face the traffic congestion sometimes and they are confined in small and breathless space, seeing the time sliding away with nothing to do but wait. Airwheel Z5 two-wheel electric scooter frees people’s time to make daily transportation convenient and efficient.

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The pedal of traditional scooters is narrow which cannot enable the feet to stand on it in parallel. Therefore, it will cause uncomfortable feelings during riding especially for long distance travel. Airwheel Z5 electric scooter innovates on affordable pedals which can hold two feet in parallel. In addition to the pedals, the body of the scooter can also be foldable to make it convenient to carry Airwheel Z5 to the subway, bus or store it in the trunk. Mary, a student in Sydney University who loves new things, has bought one and always takes it with her.


The convenience can also be reflected in the batteries. Airwheel Z5 standing up electric scooter uses module batteries which can be easily replaced. If the rider wants to travel longer distance, he or she only needs to bring a spare battery to guarantee free travel. Also, the battery has USB connector to power the mobile phone or camera, etc. Even one is outside, he or she will feel at home with nothing to worry about. Mary says she loves Airwheel Z5 very much because nowadays it is impossible to live without phone and Airwheel Z5 is a friend in need to power the device.


Airwheel Z5 self-balance electric scooter also adapts to APP though its inner bluetooth so the rider can use the phone to check speed, miles, electricity and malfunctions to ensure safe and convenient riding. With APP, Mary can know everything about the scooter and Airwheel Z5 becomes a loyal friend of Mary and accompanies her to see the world and experience a new lifestyle.

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Website: http://www.airwheel.net

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