12, July 2016: Not completely depending on the nice looking, or depending on the influence produced by brand, Airwheel Z5 electric scooter wins recognition and attention and becomes the product with full scores among similar ones thoroughly depending on the meticulous design by standing in the perspective of users.

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An electric scooter gets full marks and what is the most important factor? Stunning looking or high-end and superior brand? No, the powerful electric scooter must stand users’ point of view so as to think in the same way of users and fill up the blank of what they need. Airwheel Z5 electric scooter is such a gadget viewed from the overall design.

The basic values, 14kg’s weight and 840mm×556mm×1100mm’s size makes Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter a mini and solo transporting vehicle which can cross in narrow roads. Except the small figure and light weight, Z5 becomes easier to be kept and carried also depending on the folding system. The concealed folding joints ensure the graceful looking. Meanwhile, the hook located at the top of the handrail is mainly used for hooking up the groove in the rear wheels for guaranteeing the steady riding under folding condition. Of course, it can be used for hanging things or other little devices.


When buying such products, most of the riders always ignore the height of operating arm. The operating arm of Z5 standing up electric scooter can be adjusted. Riders can rise or lower the height of operating arm for seeking the most comfortable riding posture. When it is used for a family, this design becomes more practical since they can realize the comfortable riding for most family members with different statures.


Driven by electricity, Z5 electric standing scooter has the powerful battery pack which is one of the cores. The battery pack of Z5 razor scooter for adults is concealed in the front of pedals so riders can replace battery without any aid of tools. This means that you won’t experience the bad case of power off. Another practical function is the high-efficient USB interface which can provide power for daily intelligent devices like phones.


No matter it is the basic riding, details design or additional function, Airwheel Z5 is a praiseworthy vehicle.

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