16, March 2016: CeBIT is the biggest and leading event for digital business. Since 1986, it attracts thousands and hundreds of suppliers and users flock into the city of Hannover every spring. Decision makers from all over the world come here to find and invest in products they need. According to survey, there are more than 200 thousands of professionals from over 100 countries will attend the event. And half of the all the CeBIT visitors never attend other show to discover the latest information. Therefore, it is a golden chance for companies to attend CeBIT to show their latest technologies and communicate with buyers face to face. And for visitors, it is a good opportunity to know the most advanced technologies in the world at one time. This year, the event will become more interesting and anticipated as the electric scooter leader Airwheel will attend CeBIT 2016.


The most attractive point is that Airwheel will bring its latest scooters to attend CeBIT 2016. As all the new products had been well designed and adopt advanced technologies, it will surely win all the buyers and visitors’ favor. For example, Airwheel sitting posture self-balancing scooter S6 is the first scooter of Airwheel to adopt saddle design. It allows riders to ride S6 in both sitting posture and standing posture, which is a great development. What’s more, the upgraded CPU speeds up the accelerated speed to 0.3 second.


And Airwheel never stop its pace to provide a better riding experience for its riders. Another new product Airwheel electric motor Z3 is a good example. Z3 adopts the front standing riding posture, which save riders from tiredness of side standing riding posture. Also, the adjustable control bar also shows its concern for riders. Aside from these products, Airwheel will bring many different kinds of products to satisfy different needs of buyers. It will surely become the brightest star in the show. Let’s expect this wonderful show in March.

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