15, February 2016: Airwheel is an internationally famous brand of electric self-balancing scooter. It exports over ten thousands of intelligent self-balancing scooters to overseas market, Europe included. The European market is one of the main markets of Airwheel. By virtue of its high-quality and stylish design, Airwheel win over numerous loyal players of Airwheel. They expect to personally experience all products of Airwheel. In the near future, this opportunity will open up and their long-expected dream will come true—Airwheel is going to take part in CeBIT 2016 together with a wide range of intelligent self-balancing scooters.


This year, CeBIT will remain be held in Hannover, Germany. It is going to last from 14 to 18 March. The 5-day-long event is expected to attract over one million of visitors. At the same time, over thousands of exhibitors will take their own products and participate in the expo. In order to make itself stand out from other competitors, Airwheel is to do its best to present its most excellent electric self-balancing scooters to best advantage.


S-series and A-series will be the first choice. The two-wheeled intelligent scooters exemplify the ultimate of Airwheel in exterior design and design-related innovation. S-series creates the two-wheeled structure and the two-wheeled structure gets its first try-out in Airwheel S3. Airwheel S5 and A3 follow the design, but make its own breakthrough. S5 boasts its off-road ride and A3 takes pride in its sit-on mode of ride. These models will surely make their debut on CeBIT 2016.

If you are scooter-lovers or loyal players of Airwheel, welcome to visit Airwheel booth which is situated at Hall 17-H06. At that time, Airwheel is said to offer experience of ride. Any visitor to Airwheel booth can gain access to new products made by Airwheel such as S-series, A3, Q-series and electric unicycle X-series. This is a golden opportunity. Airwheel cordially invites you to its booth. Do not miss out on this opportunity.

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