15, February 2016: CeBIT 2016 is expected to take place in Hannover fairground, Germany. It will be visited by about one millions of exhibitors and visitors. The peak attendance even reaches as much as 850000. This goes to prove its popularity and prominence in the world. This global even is intended for information technology and therefore numerous worldwide famous electronics firms will attend it, Airwheel included.


Being one of the leading scooter-maker, Airwheel will present a wide range of its intelligent self-balancing scooters on the event. At that time, the loyal players of Airwheel and scooter-lovers will be honoured to witness the festival event and have a go at Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters. Airwheel is set to offer free trial ride service to every players.

The visitors will gain access to Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter. At Airwheel booth in CeBIT, Airwheel is to offer the golden opportunity of free ride to them. They stand to have the opportunity to ride Airwheel latest models such as electric skateboard M3 and Z3. The electric skateboard M3 follows the design of traditional skateboard. It looks reminiscent of the childhood. At the very sight of Airwheel M3, the rider cannot help casting his mind to his childhood. In addition, Airwheel M3 will show its new technology and design. The effortless ride of Airwheel M3 is from its electricity battery.


And Airwheel will also exhibit other model like S-series and A-series. The two models are a credit to Airwheel. The S-series kicks off the era of two-wheeled intelligent scooter. S3 is the pioneer and S5 follows some elements of S3 and makes a lot of breakthrough, pushing S-series to a new high. A3 integrates a good many new technology such as the hydraulic suspension and the technology of connection to the mobile phone. These will come as a treat for visitors to Airwheel booth.

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