26, March 2016: Looking back on the release conference of electric intelligent scooters by Airwheel, the year of 2015 has seen the great achievement gained by Airwheel. In the early 2015, Airwheel released Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent scooter S5 and A3. And in the late 2015, Airwheel pushed out Airwheel electric skateboard M3, two-wheeled self-balancing scooter S6. The two release conferences of new products are revolutionary and epoch-making. After an interval of half a year, Airwheel once again held a revolutionary release conference of new products in the 2016 CeBIT, where Airwheel unveiled its new products two-wheeled self-balancing robot S9, two-wheeled intelligent scooter S8 and smart helmet C3 and S5.

Airwheel artificial intelligence robot S9 is a great stride in the design. Airwheel S9 is a scooter-like robot. This type of smart robot can avoid the obstacle before it on the way with the help of smart chip built in itself. Also it can make the route by its own right. Through this kind of route-mapping, S9 can gradually get familiar with the road and effectively shun the obstacles in its way. According to Airwheel, it will release more plug-in and APP used in Airwheel S9.

Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent scooter S8 is another new member of S-series. Now S-series becomes a large family who has a lot of excellent members such as S9, S8 and S5. Airwheel S8 dispenses with the control lever unlike Airwheel S5 and S3 which are equipped with a control lever. Although without the control lever, the rider still can smoothly steer Airwheel S8. Airwheel S8 is easier to steer for the beginners. The lacking of control lever, the rider will have a better view when riding Airwheel S8.

This time, Airwheel pushed out some auxiliary devices for its electric intelligent scooter such as smart helmets C3 and C5. These helmets are practical and stylish. So this release conference of electric intelligent scooters by Airwheel is productive.

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