06, February 2016: When he wants to change, Andres Amador, a former programmer, quitted his job and step into the field of landscape art—he started to create massive sand drawings on the beaches during full moons when his “canvas” reaches its largest potential. But just like his programming job which he may often modify or change, Andres’ drawing works may only exist for hours before they are changed or fully engulfed by the encroaching tide. It seems that his landscape drawings are temporary.


Similarly, Airwheel wants to change its industry—the city vehicle industry. So it introduced the intelligence technologies into city vehicles and brought people its self-balancing scooter. But contrary to Andres Amador, Airwheel wants to show people the long-lasting beauty which won’t be changed by time or anything else.

Airwheel brought people the beauty of technologies. People have been working hard to change their life with technologies. When some enterprises are trying to build another world with the VR technologies, some others like Microsoft and Airwheel are trying to improve people’s real life quality with their hands. Microsoft brought people the Kinect which enables people to do more than they can do in real world.


Airwheel introduced its intelligent self-balancing scooters which make people experience the novel riding experiences. For instance, with some models of Airwheel scooters, riders need no more control vehicles with their hands. The intelligent modules of most Airwheel products will analyze and feedback to riders’ slight movements of the body gravity; by just slight movements of the body, riders can ride most Airwheel vehicles smoothly without hands. Besides the beauty of technologies, the principles of introducing futuristic and scientific aesthetic designs make Airwheel electric scooters the attracting products. Airwheel A3 sitting-posture electric scooters are the vehicles with streamlined designs and tiny bodies; so they are the desirable vehicles for female riders who need elegant and helpful companions by their side.

Airwheel intelligent scooters bring people the long-lasting beauty in both technologies and aesthetic designs.

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