13, July 2016: In the past half year to one year, the self-balancing electric scooter market has got rapid development and gradually become steadier than ever. This new transporting method has to be limited in the minority circle formed by few fans or the work equipment for certain industry so that it can’t step into the majority market further due to the learning difficulty issue.

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As for this matter, Airwheel breaks this limitation by its S8 which is of two-mode riding postures and has achieved great success since its appearance. Does this mean we are coming into the era of riding self-balancing electric scooters? And then what is the demand point of the majority? In fact, the difference of the demand between minority players and majority users is obvious. The former pursues the super performance while the latter’s need is simple for this kind of vehicle: be very accessible, better riding experience and good quality.


Be very accessible

Airwheel’s solution for dealing with the “too hard learning difficulty” can be called another way. The designing team is bold in innovation and rewrites the algorithm of self-balancing scooters and upgrades the traditional two shafts control into three shafts with four directions’ drive so that S8 sitting-posture 2-wheeled electric scooter can have both the standing and sitting riding postures. With the sitting posture, the beginners can be easier to grasp the riding skills.


Better riding experience

Airwheel still believes that a qualified vehicle is not only for meeting the demand of users’ commuting, but also for bringing the excellent using experience. So the detail designing and the harmonious human-scooter relationship become the critical factors. For S8 double-wheels electric scooter, its control lever is designed to be arc shape for getting more connect area between legs and the lever; there is a 50mm adjustable space of the lever for improving the ability road holding and shock of absorption.



S8 saddle-equipped scooter, together with each of Airwheel’s product, strictly observes the international product quality safety standards and even more. For instance, scooters of Airwheel can go through at least twice charge-discharge cycles when they are drown half into the water within five minutes.

In the foreseeable future, self-balancing electric scooters can be one of the most ideal options of commuting for the masses.

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