12, July 2016: Science and technology is getting rapid development, so every walk of life is busying upgrading. Cell phone becomes more and more intelligent, televisions are getting more and more high-definition and there is no exception for self-balancing electric scooter. Intelligent self-balancing scooter becomes more and more comfortable and has more functions. Airwheel S6 proofs it posture with its strength.

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Self-balancing has existed for about ten years so it is not the new emerging product in short distance. In these ten years, we discover that riders only can stand to ride. Each scooter launched by Segway, founder of electric self-balancing scooter, is driven only in standing posture.

Airwheel S6 firstly adopts the second generation self-balancing technology and becomes the double postures riding scooter. The 2 gyroscopes body control sensing applied in first generation technology fails to make it easy to manipulate while S6 saddle-equipped scooter uses the 3 gyroscopes which realizes the two modes riding postures. It is a great breakthrough that provides convenience for learning and lowers the learning cost.


Sure, S6 mini self-balancing scooter has other advantages except the riding postures. The exquisite looking also attracts our attention. The specially customized 8-inch tires are powerful and graceful. Only about 503mm’s width allows S6 to cross narrow spaces easier and more flexible. For slim girls, too heavy weight will beyond their driving limitation. The scooter with only 14kg can be lifted for all the adults. Meanwhile, this mini body can load a maximum of 100kg.


Like most of the electric scooters of Airwheel, S6 mini electric scooter is also designed with the adjustable operating rod. Riders can shorten or lengthen the operating arm to get the most comfortable riding posture. Additionally, it can be controlled wirelessly. The four buttons on the remote key almost cover all the function of frequent use and each of them has backups. The inside Bluetooth transmitting modular can make it interact with app on the phone.


From the riding postures to the size and to the loading capacity, Airwheel S6 electric walkcar brings great convenience for users. Whether it is sitting or standing riding, S6 can easily bear it with its adorable and exquisite pose.

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