12, May 2016: People are always upset when it is summer. Now is May, girls are changing thick clothes into thin ones. When involving into activities outside, people gets crazy due to hot temperatures. Of course, sunblock is a must-have item against the strong sunshine. Except this, when you are on your way, the vehicle you selected is of great importance. Do you want to avoid the traffic jam and drive a private electric scooter to arrive at the destination with a sun umbrella? Airwheel S6 saddle-equipped electric scooter will be the most suitable one.

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Larraine had her S6 electric walkcar for several months. No matter it is used for commuting between home and company or for entertainment in weekends or holidays, she holds the opinion that S6 electric scooter is absolutely a very practical and convenient transporting vehicle. First of all, S6 mini electric scooter is extremely portable. Only weighing 14kg, it can load 100kg. Plus, the speed can reach up to the maximum of 17km/h. These can basically satisfy your demand of transporting.


The key factor for S6 electric scooter suitable for coping with hot weather is the sitting riding posture. The increased pressure sensing system makes S6 sitting posture self-balancing hoverboards own the two kinds of riding posture, sitting and riding. When it is short-distance travelling, Larraine always sits to ride S6 to replace walking, which can save her energy under the strong sunslight. Besides, instead of two gyroscopes, S6 saddle-equipped electric scooter adds it into three and four gyroscopes which means it is much easier to learn.


In order to escaping the boring moment, Larraine normally plays with her lovely intelligent electric scooter S6. The electric motor S6 can be control remotely and wirelessly. Through the four buttons on the keys, she can realize almost all the functions. The inside Bluetooth transmission modular can be interacted with APP on her mobile phone. For example, the speed, miles and battery usage can be cleared saw through the APP. For urban transporting, Airwheel S6 should be the ideal and requisite vehicle.

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