30, July 2016: The moment Airwheel S62 wheel electric scooter appeared on the stage of the new product release conference, it came under the spotlights. Many people who love scooters could not wait to have a try to ride it. Airwheel S6 was destined to make a splash in the whole sector.

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The fundamental purpose of S6 project is to break the application restrictions, and to put all the limitations to a minimum. Let the riders experience the self-balancing scooter riding in an easier, freer and more comfortable way. This is Airwheel’s attempt to improve the primary algorithm of the inside chip, upgrade the gyroscope driving mechanism, so as to realize multi-riding modes control.


One of the most outstanding highlights of Airwheel S6 saddle-equipped electric scooter is the adopted sitting-posture element supporting dual ride mode. Riders now could either comfortably sit on a leather sadder or stand on the platform. This comfortable posture allows riders to ride for a long time without feeling boring. Users are usually exhausted after a long-distance trip, because of the large-scale adoption of standing-posture riding mode.


What’s more, Airwheel team made a small change on the control rod to let the riders adjust the heights. As long as you are at the height of 1.5m to 2.1m, you will certainly be able to find the most comfortable ride height. Also, the problem of electricity blackout halfway won’t happen to Airwheel S6. Branded lithium-ion battery provides Airwheel S6 sitting posture self-balancing scooter with a strong and stable power capacity, which satisfies the need of a daily trip.

Portability is a key point of self-balancing electric scooter to be better integrated into the public.

In daily life, most people need to put the electric scooter into trunk, take it to subway or in a smaller space to ride. So, Airwheel team not only ensure the performance and riding comfort, but also make the S6 2-wheeled electric scooter smaller and lighter.


Airwheel S6 has become a pioneer and rule the scooter market in the future, depending on its comfortable, convenient, and eco-friendly character. Airwheel S6 has adopted a lot of new improvements, which contribute to build the new era of self-balancing electric scooter.

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