14, October 2015: In this bustling as well as noisy age, it's common to witness a couple to get divorced or crossed in love. A few days ago, my best friend told me her boyfriend broke up with her. Her boyfriend got changed into another man, cold and heartless,although they had stayed together for five years. She was fully lost in the sadness. What I could do was to bring her to my house to comfort her. But she didn’t listen to my words just crazy eating snacks which is still helpless to relieve the pain.


Until that day came a bromeo of her sent an electric scooterfor the sake of not seeing her suffering. She was surprised by this kind of gift, Airwheel Self-balancing Electric scooter which is extraordinary in contrast to her ex-boyfriend's gift. The amazing point of this scooter is that the seat can be adjusted. When rider wants to ride in standing position, it can be taken back by adjusting the height of support rod; when rider feels tired, it’s time to sit down on the cushion. She appeared aimless, only crying or deliberately overeating before. Now this scooter has raised her spirit promptly for various ways of riding brings her unexpected comfort.


Everyday she takes several hours to research the instruction book of the electric scooter and practice riding according the explanation. She shows the happy smile as before because she starts to ride it without tilting. After one week, she makes it to ride it with good speed control. When watching her riding on the scooter, I can feel she has got over the hurt of the failure in love, immersed herself in the joy of rolling the interesting toy. She says, “When you speed up, you can imagine yourself as a bird freely flying in the sky with arms stretching out.That’s so relaxing.”

It appears that two-wheeled scooter is a good way to heal the pain on the heart. Next time if I run into the same suffering, I have method to get over it.

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