30, April 2016: Can you imagine that they were still strangers to the public a couple of years ago? The fast development of electric scooter industry gains much attention from other fields. Compared with the one wheel scooters, the 2-wheeled electric scooter is more likely to catch the attention of the masses. Airwheel, as a well-known self-balancing electric scooter start-up company, will surly delight you in its own unique way.

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Airwheel S-series electric scooters are going to delight you. In 2014, Airwheel launched its first two-wheeled self-balancing scooters S3 and S3T that caused a big sensation in the market. Though the former Airwheel X series and Q series are well acclaimed, Airwheel does not stop innovation. Followed by S3 and S3T, Airwheel S5 and S6 saddle-equipped electric scooter have joined them successively. The intelligent electric scooters S series are making its sales volumes even higher.


The four members are designed for different groups. S3 and S3T are enjoyed by the daily commuters. Carefully polished main body frame and magnesium light frame make the S3 and S3T’s solid body. Material processing technology has reached the car level. Referred to the design of Lamborghini, the streamlined design of S5 electric self-balancing scooter coupled with SUV metal holders, confirms to the spacecraft attitude control structure that is ergonomically designed for the comfort of the rider.


Airwheel S6 sitting posture self-balancing scooter is welcomed by virtue of its adjustable saddle that provides a comfortable ride however long the trip is. Without the shaft, the rider gains a wider sight to appreciate something beautiful around him. When you want to experience the fun of sport, you can stand to ride. When you want to relax, you can sit to ride. This is the speciality of this mini self-balancing scooter S6. To conclude, delight yourself with Airwheel S series.

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