Following Airwheel E6, E3 appears with its innovative externality design. The X shaped E6 has been well received and the O+O designed Airwheel E3 is to make an impression on the public. Intelligent and compact, Airwheel E3 foldable electric bike your backpack folding E-bike. The details are as follows.

The frame of E3 is made of aviation aluminum, featured by shock resistance. It can be easily stored into a backpack thanks to the multiple folding system. Mini and light, E3 is your handy transport. Airwheel E3 electric assist bicycle is a remarkable combination of structure and material with the 11.6 item weight supporting 100kg.

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In terms of battery, Airwheel E3 electric bike scooter is coupled with imported lithium battery that guarantees sufficient power supply. It is protected by battery management system (BMS) that manages a rechargeable battery (cell or battery pack), such as by protecting the battery from operating outside its Safe Operating Area, monitoring its state, calculating secondary data, reporting that data, controlling its environment, authenticating it and / or balancing it.

Besides, like E6, the battery design of Airwheel E3 intelligent e bike( is in modularization, with a high efficient USB port. During the journey, USB power supply interface can meet the charging demands of mobile phone, Tablet, SLR and other daily smart devices. For your reference, 247.9Wh battery can charge IPhone6 about 70 times and iPad mini 21 times.

To gain comfortable riding experience, Airwheel E3 selects the rubber saddle in left-right design with balanced force and good ventilation, increased by 40% comfort compared with the traditional saddles. Airwheel E3 electric bike kit installs 300W powerful customized high performance hub motor, integrated with the electrical power drive system, transmission device and the electrical braking system, that offers more powerful and stable force.

The multi-functional scooter head is worth noting, with the EBS, bell, mobile phone holder and headlight. Intelligent EBS braking system offers optimized power scheme, agility and stability in emergency braking after accurate calculation. The headlight, specifically designed for Airwheel E3 smart electric bike ensures a safe riding at night. As E3 can be connected to the mobile phone, riders can place the phone on the phone holder for better learning the real-data.

Airwheel E3 is to make an impression on the public and brings much convenience to the masses.

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