18, March 2016: Months ago, Airwheel had seen about the 2016 CeBIT. It intended to pushed out its new products in this global event. This international trade show is a golden opportunity for Airwheel to push out its new products. This time, Airwheel released two types of intelligent helmets C3 and C5. The two intelligent helmets took aback the visitors and many loyal players of Airwheel. They though Airwheel merely released intelligent scooters. Much to their surprise, Airwheel released other than electric self-balancing scooter. It pushed out two smart helmets.


Airwheel smart helmet C3 is an intelligent helmet. Airwheel C3 wraps communication, photography and data-gathering into it. This versatile helmet provides the rider with a safe ride. When the rider steers Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters, it serves to protect the rider and guarantee a safe and leisure ride. The equipped wireless connection enables the rider to answer his mobile phone off-hands as he steers Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter. There is no need for the rider to answer the phone by whipping out his mobile phone, which is potentially dangerous. The helmet also holds on to ergonomics and therefore it can fit head shape of various kinds.


Airwheel smart helmet C5 bears a strong resemblance to Airwheel C3. What makes Airwheel C5 differs from Airwheel C3 lies in its LED screen. With the high definition LED screen, the rider who wears it can still listen to the music, and answer phone via wireless connection. The 2.4-inch screen gives a way to review the photos taken by the rider. For the purpose of further safety, a light is equipped on the back of the helmet.

When the rider steers Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter at night, the drivers behind the rider could see him. This extremely adds to safety. This represents Airwheel principles—smart, free and efficient.

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