12, March 2016: Airwheel Q series, Q1, Q3, Q5 and Q6 have a lot in common and is different from each other. No matter differences or similarities, Airwheel Q series have a strong appeal to the people. The parallel two-hub innovation is featured with more stability compared with the regular single-wheeled electric scooters. There is no need to be super in balancing to master it. Anyone can take it under control in minutes following proper instructions.

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The shell of Airwheel Q series is made of top quality composite materials of ABS and PC, which combines the merits of these two textures, to be sturdier, glossier and scratch proof. Made of aviation aluminium alloy material, the pedals are scratch-proof, anti-skid, and durable for heavy use. The hands free gliding experience, feeling like flying, recalls a similar skating or skiing experience, only being more smooth and effortless, and more practical with wider terrain adaptability. Airwheel electric scooters are certificated with CE, RoSH, UN38.3, MSDS and featured by the exclusive and comprehensive protection mechanism.


It is the differences make them different from each other. Airwheel Q1, with the 10kg, is the lightest version of Airwheel Q series self-balancing electric scooters, which is designed especially for females and kids. There are two colour options for Airwheel Q1, black & red stands for courage and passion, and white & yellow reminds purity and vitality. Airwheel Q3 is either black or white, in a simple and trendy style, together of which will make the perfect couple gadgets.

The enlarged silicone cushion pads equipped on Q5, available in sky blue and lime green enable riding that is more comfortable and anti-scratching capacity. Q6 comes with a kickstand to park anywhere, at any time with replaceable pads of three colours. The colourful cushion pads not only add more personality to the riding, but also offer more protection for the legs. Airwheel Q series—twin-wheeled electric scooters have a strong appeal to the people.

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