15, July 2016: Urban Dwellers waste dozens of time in taking public transportation or driving. The invention of Airwheel electric bike E6 seems to be quite an efficient substitute to the current transportation system.

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Electromobiles have proven their agility and efficiency in short-distance commuting. Now the thrilling news strikes that a lighter and smarter e bike is ready to shake the traditional transport system, Airwheel E6. It is a phenomenal product, which once again befitting Airwheel Technology’s reputation as the vanguard in smart travelling.


In many aspects, Airwheel electric bike shares the merits of traditional electromobiles but yet it possesses some unique and innovative characteristics. Similar to electromobiles, e-bike serves as an efficient substitute to the current transport vehicles. It is to save those who get stuck in the crowded traffic or those who get exhausted riding bikes to work. Airwheel E6 delivers pleasure and gets people rid of the race against time. There will be no more worries about being caught in traffic jams.


On the other hand, how is Airwheel e-bike E6 differentiated from traditional electromobiles? Firstly, Airwheel e-bike weighs only 12.6 kg and even female riders can lift it inside and outside the house easily. Secondly, it is foldable. The main frame, the handle bar and the pedals are all foldable. The two features together enable it to be carried onto metros. The combination of e-bikes and metro sounds to be unbeatable in daily commuting. As a member of the Airwheel family, it is designed with a special app to make it more intelligent. The app offers security services like fault self-diagnosis and speed limit. Other features like real-time positioning, personal settings and alarm systems are also covered by the app. In this aspect, E6 is way smarter than electromobiles.


There are many improvements in details to elevate the comfort level of riding Airwheel electric bike E6. Airwheel customized motor generates strong and yet stable driving force. Intelligent EBS braking system provides smoother operation. An ergonomic saddle equipped which employs more comfortable and breathable rubber materials is a guarantee for a cozy and pleasing riding experience. These details demonstrate the people-oriented craftsmanship. A headlight is mounted in the front for safe night traveling. Airwheel electric bike, gaining so many advantages will accomplish more.

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