15, July 2016: Airwheel Technology has recently released a new type of electric bike to support its eco commuting concepts. The vehicle E6, with features like agility, portability and intelligence, will make a good company on the road.

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Airwheel Technology is a senior pioneer in the commuting vehicle field. Its products range from intelligent self-balancing scooters, intelligent unicycles to electric skateboard. There are in total seven series of products. The new type of vehicle, E6, is created in response to the time when eco trend are in full swing. According to statistics, the demand for e bike is in rapid growth.


Just as the name implies, E6 turns a new page for the E-series, short for electric bikes. Differentiated from traditional electromobiles, E6 is much more light-weighted and portable. Portability has been the most distinctive and advantageous feature of E6. Meanwhile, E6, similar to all existing Airwheel products, is powered by clean energy. It is far more environmentally friendly than motor vehicles. Even for these who can not control self-balancing intelligent scooters, they can properly handle the E-bike.


As a revolutionary product, the electric bicycle is shaped quite differently from all the other series. At first sight, E6 is presented as an X-shape. There is a one key fold function, enabling E6 to be easily folded. The main body, saddle, handle bars and pedals can all be folded. Therefore, it can be easily taken onto buses, metros and trains. Made of quality aluminum alloy materials, the weight of the vehicle is 12.6kg without sacrificing toughness and endurance. Women riders can lift it without burden. People who live not far from offices can ride it to work and it will save time and energy. Children can ride it to school. At weekends, when family goes on self-driving tours, they can fold the E-bike and store in the car trunk. The vehicle will bring pleasure and convenience to any kinds for trips.


Recently, Airwheel has introduced a new type of smart helmet to riders. Riding an Airwheel E-bike while wearing the helmet will give double guarantee and dual safety on the road. The helmet can record everything in the trip. Whether for daily commuting or sightseeing tours, the two gadgets combined will generate great surprise.

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