22, February 2016: I am a crowd funding enthusiast. I like purchasing from the crowd funding website which is usually unique and special. So as soon as I knew the news of crowd funding of Airwheel M3 in Indiegogo, http://igg.me/at/airwheel, I clicked the website to purchase. About several weeks later, I received the motorized skateboard which surprises me for the riding experience is so excellent.


When I open the package, the shape of Airwheel M3 attracts me at once. It looks like the general skateboards with a motor under the panel. The whole skateboard is concise, artistic and fashionable. As the promotion, the tags on the panel can be changed, so are the material of the panel and other spare parts. This is very good for me since I want to be different, so the uniqueness of electric skateboards delights me.


When I try to ride Airwheel M3, I really appreciate the design of the wide tyre, which can hold the land strongly and firmly. The TPU which can reduce the shock makes riding steadily and make the riding experience more comfortable. I seldom feel the shock from the rocky path. It is said that complete skateboards is inserted with double intelligent chips, so if one of them works down, another can replace for normal work. I feel really safe when riding Airwheel M3.

The remote control of Airwheel M3 is designed also reasonably. Only several buttons on it, I just need to press these buttons to start, stop, speed up and slow down the wireless remote control skateboards and the operation is easy and simple. I can use the remote control within the distance of 10 meters.

To summarize, Airwheel M3 is my favorite product I have purchased through the way of crowd funding. It is worthy of the payment and change the way of my life. I am really satisfied with the electric skateboard and look forward to the new model later.

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