24, May 2016: Every day we work dutifully: We do our best at our job, we obey our leader and we are nice to colleagues. Every day we follow rules carefully, but after work we want to change our observant attitude. We want to listen to the voice from bottom of heart: We need freedom, need to play heartily, and need to have fun. Happily, Airwheel M3 electric skateboard can satisfy our needs.

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Safety always comes first. Airwheel M3 skateboard enables smooth and safe riding experience even at high speed. Quite remarkably, Airwheel M3 has two shock absorbers, which are made of PC material damper mass. As a result, M3 can cope with bumpy roads effectively. As we all know, wheels are of great importance for vehicles. Airwheel M3 motorized skateboard chooses customized tires from quality top brand, which are more wearable, stronger in grip effect and anti-skid ability, to ensure a safe riding experience. Designed with advanced technology, Airwheel M3 skateboard has “dual-core” drive and protection system, which ensures its sturdy performance.


Airwheel M3 skateboard let us feel the excitement of surfing on land. As the board is completely electric powered, aid of slopes or hard kick-pushing are no longer necessary to obtain speed, riders can focus on maneuvering and controlling the board at a constant fast speed on almost all road conditions. It feels more like snow skiing down from a steep mountain, or surfing only on concrete land.


Airwheel M3 skateboard also offers something new to us. We can DIY our own Airwheel M3. Each part of M3 is assembled in independent modular in order to allow large room for customization, so we can make the skateboard completely our own by adding our personal touch to it. With a wireless remote controller, we can enjoy our riding at various speed effortlessly. Through a smart phone APP, we can master the skateboard condition, such as, current power level, temperature, speed, etc. conveniently.

Let’s enjoy the moment and have fun by riding an Airwheel M3 electric skateboard.

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