03, August 2016: Several years ago, Airwheel integrated its design notion in X3 for the first time, and it worked out to be a success. Following this successful momentum, Airwheel rolled out a great variety of series, e.g. Z series and E series. Airwheel is a competitive scooter maker in the market.

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Intelligent self-balancing scooters have been known by more and more people who support eco-friendly ideas and always pursue the fashionable new products. But the early market explorers always priced their products at very high prices that are unaffordable to individuals. But that situation is terminated when Airwheel entered the market and lowered the price level.


The city transport has been ruined by too many private cars. Sometimes driving your private cars, you may see people who surpass you by riding bicycles. The portable and eco-friendly ideas in designing intelligent scooters make them the “gifted” vehicles that will solve your traffic problems. Also, some people are pursuing a fashionable life, and the transport means will definitely be a new field to be exploited for your fashion style. Of course, expensive cars are attracting, yet their high-price is also unaffordable to most people. Instead, Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter are the new and popular invention in such an intelligent era and with reasonable prices. They are the best choices for tastemakers, thanks to its product quality and stability.


Airwheel electric mobility scooter offers you good riding experiences. It uses branded lithium battery that does not have the danger of spontaneous combustion and explosion, which guarantees the scooter to be safe. Airwheel electric scooter also distinguishes itself from other traditional transportation vehicles for being intelligent, which is mainly embodied in its protective system, e.g. tilting protection, speed limit protection and low battery protection.


Nowadays smartphones are the most popular digital devices. And many interesting functions can be realized with the new scooters supporting an App. This App may enable people to know their travel distance with an Airwheel intelligent electric scooter, the real-time speed, the accurate quantity of left electricity and so on.


Every group of people will find it useful, such as traffic police, armed police and in airport, warehousing, and logistics. Airwheel is your ideal choice of intelligent self-balancing scooters now and in the future.

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