Sports cars may be spartan or luxurious, but high maneuverability and minimum weight are requisite They may be equipped for racing, "especially an aerodynamically shaped one-passenger or two-passenger vehicle having a low center of gravity and steering and suspension designed for precise control at high speeds." Airwheel intelligent power scooter is intelligent, fancy, low-carbon and environmentally friendly, which can surely meet your supercar dream.

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Airwheel has several series and different styles in each series, but all in avant-garde design in round and oval shapes. The standard edition is in cool black or elegant white, while the luxury edition is with carbon fiber texture in a noble and cool style; in addition, the individual colorful edition is customized for petty bourgeois, fresh and artistic young people loving selfie. People who love life all dream of having a cool and fancy enough sports car. Airwheel electric scooter is intelligent, fancy, low-carbon and environmentally friendly, which can surely meet your supercar dream.

Airwheel intelligent 2-wheeled electric scooter( is equipped with the cutting-edge intelligent chip which makes it easier and simpler for users to master the vehicle. The chip adopts the most advanced intelligent system in the world with the principle of aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to achieve self-balancing. The riders can easily operate the scooter by simply leaning towards different directions. The intelligent chip inside the scooter renders the learning process much easier and riding much safer. The high-tech chip can provide speed limit protection for users by limiting the speed within the safest range so that it will prevent tragic accidents caused by traveling too fast from happening.

Airwheelintelligent power scooter is smaller and more exquisite, with a unique completely open design. Riders can enjoy super-large outdoor space without opening a door, together with wide vision seen from the 720 degrees panoramic “sunroof” and shocking visual impact. Though with no sunroof and consequently no reverse sensor or rearview mirror, users can turn around and check when backing the scooter. Boasting a strong cross-country performance, it can travel on various kinds of terrains.

Airwheelelectric mobility scooter provides an amazing avant-garde experience, same as the driving experience of sports car.

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