20, October 2015: Human activity influences the Earth. Some people feel that human activity makes the Earth a better place to live. For example, the magnificent architectures, like the Great Wall, make this planet look more beautiful. However, from another point of view, the earth is being damaged by human activity. The factory pulls the sewage directly into the river, which pollutes the clean water. The private cars discharge emission and damage the fresh air. However, can we do something for our mother planet? With Airwheel, the answer is yes.


Human activity has damaged natural environment and almost exhausted natural resources. Modern industry needs more and more resources, including minerals, fuels and water. So we confront of the serious problems such as the lack of fuels. Riding Airwheel one electric scooter can solve this problem. As a transport powered by electricity, Airwheel intelligent scooter doesn’t exhaust any fuel and produce no end gas. Besides, riding Airwheel for 100km only consumes 1 degree of electricity. Therefore, the environment will improve a lot.

Another serious problem is "the greenhouse effect." Human activity decreases forests and increases the usage of fuels so that the gas of carbon dioxide is output more and more and there are not enough plants to absorb it. The greenhouse effect is more obvious and more sensible these years. Due to the effect, icebergs in the south polar and north polar melt and the sea level becomes higher than before. Everyone is worried about the cities nearby the sea and hope scientists could find an effective method to eliminate the greenhouse effect. With Airwheel intelligent scooter, the greenhouse effect is no longer a difficult task. Powered by electricity, Airwheel doesn’t product any end gas and pollute the fresh and clean air. Thus, Airwheel is a good choice to environmentalists.


Human activity brings the Earth a lot of damages. Fortunately, Airwheel has recognized the point and brought us a series of good products. The Earth will become a better place to live with Airwheel’s ceaseless efforts.

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