28, July 2016: In modern society, we are surrounded by air pollution, traffic jam and traffic accidents, which are gradually ruining our city life. So it is urgent to change the city transport and offer people with more eco-friendly transport means. Airwheel has provided consumers with the substitute of traditional transport.

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Since the formation of society, people have gathered and made it easier to meet each other. Yet the growing cities have made people “far away” from each other. Why? It is because of the traffic problems. The fog haze causes damages to human and traps people in their house. The traffic jam makes people waste their precious time on the road. Then the traffic accidents also cause everlasting sorrow to many families. City disease, it is becoming a series of social problems as more and more people are gathering in cities.


But why don’t we improve the city transport and choose a more convenient and eco-friendly transport means? Indeed, there are pioneers who have been exploiting the new transport and Airwheel is one of them. Airwheel has developed new eco-friendly intelligent self-balancing scooters for solving these traffic problems.


In designing and producing the body or Airwheel products, Airwheel chooses the hi-tech material forming the resin shell of the body, and the advanced alloy, which is also used in aviation, for the vehicle frame. So the vehicle bodies of Airwheel intelligent electric scooters are durable and solid. Airwheel is by no means a product, which only have attractive appearances. The strong performance of Airwheel is realized with zero emission of air pollution. Airwheel is utterly powered by electricity. So considering the electricity generated by burning traditional fuels, the energy-saving features contribute to the environmental protection.

The user-friendly designs make new riders quickly master the control skills, especially the double-wheels self balancing electric scooter. There are two intelligent chips inside the vehicles, which power the intelligent operating system. You just need to tilt in different directions to ride 2-wheeled electric scooter. The water resistant design also gives you safe riding experience.


This is Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter, the ideal choice for smart and green travel. Come and choose Airwheel and start your new city transport right now.

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