12, July 2016: From the beginning of this year, Airwheel announced its sincere products, including S8 electric walkcar, S9 service robot, Z5 standing up electric scooter and C series intelligent helmets at the same time which of them drew much attention and had got some achievements. With the coming of C series products, Airwheel has succeeded in diversifying it production line.

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Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet, as the first product after increasing the production line, has an extraordinary meaning. In the past several years, Airwheel raised the level of people’s living quality by single-wheel scooters, two or twin-wheeled electric scooters and skateboards. While now, knowing the development situation of commuting or outdoor sports’ equipment, Airwheel makes a decision for serving intelligent products to outdoor sportsmen.


C5 smart helmet has achieved great success relying on the support and encourage of its users. At the very beginning, designing team members set upon the full stretch in this product. All of their real ideas were summarized from the previous feedback of users. After collecting these important information, each member gave his or her understanding for the purpose and development prospect of this intelligent product. Finally, Airwheel Technology announced it with comprehensive analysis.


In recent years, more and more people participated into the outdoor activities. However, the self-protection awareness for most of them did not increase. As we know, taking part in some outdoor activities is helpful for strengthening our body and facilitating the harmonious relationship between nature and us human beings. The truth is that more or less there will be inevitably some dangers or incidents happening. Considering this, a helmet will be essential. We can see too many with quality varied. Moreover, traditional helmets have no place in current era of Internet except the protection function. Instead, C5 custom motorcycle helmet caters to the trend.


Airwheel C5 Bluetooth helmet is defined as a high definition musical sports camera. It is the creative production by integrating various of scientific and technological achievements. This helmet not only has the protection function like traditional ones, but also has superior functions such as image recording, Bluetooth calls, music playing and Wi-Fi transmitting.

The production line of intelligent helmets only covers the sports equipment. Airwheel will continue to innovate.

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