12, March 2016: Self-balancing electric scooters are seen everywhere. If you look carefully, you will find Airwheel electric scooters’ appearance is the most frequent. Recently the electric scooters made by Airwheel are getting a roaring reputation. Why? The reason is the humanized design details which reflect Airwheel takes riders riding experience into consideration and solves people’s real difficulties.


Firstly Airwheel self-balancingelectric scooters adopts the clean energy instead of any fuels aiming to reduce urban environment pollution. Every little helps. If each one chooses to ride this kind of travel in daily life, it is fair to say that people will live in a cleaner environment and become healthier.

Secondly rider’s safety is of top-priority. People think highly of Airwheel products since all the scooters can give the security grantee. For example, S6 saddle-equipped self-balancing scooter has altered the operation of body swing into rotating steering which means the error-tolerance rate becomes higher and riders can avoid barrier easily and steadily; with the PU material damper mass, M3 electric air board can respond effectively to the bumpy road with stronger sense of control, so as to make glide safer and more smoothly. Meanwhile M3 has dual main control chips, and even though one single module fails to work, the other can continue to work independently to ensure riders security.


Thirdly the daily travel becoming extremely convenient for users after having Airwheel electric scooter. Almost all the people can use this kind of scooters. Airwheel has developed S6 with two riding postures and Z3 with anterior standing posture. The operating arms equipped on the scooter can be adjusted to suit different status of users. Plus the long endurance also provides great convenience for users.

In a word, Airwheel self-balancing electric scooters meet riders’ needs for pursuing a healthier, safer and more convenient travel experience.

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