28, July 2016: Many people are familiar with this scene that haze and traffic jam obstruct the smooth travel on the road so the idea of environmentally-friendly and low-carbon travel is increasingly popular. Airwheel contributes to the environmentally-friendly activities of the daily life and more importantly, it enables you to experience a unique lifestyle.

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On the street, people who are riding Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter in a cool and fashionable way, can also avoid traffic jam and enjoy the family happiness, leisure and short voyage like others. At weekends, how about walking with your parents? Maybe your parents are too old to catch up with your step just as you are always walking behind your parents in the childhood. You will be in their arms, on their shoulders or backs when you are tired.


Now, you can buy them Airwheel intelligent power scooter instead of letting them walk. As a result, the family can travel or go outside by Airwheel together. For instance, the Airwheel sitting posture self balancing electric scooter, say the A3, S6 or S8 are suitable for them. The most important thing is accompanying with parents rather than the destination or scenes of short voyage.


In the society with high pressure and quick pace, riding Airwheel electric mobility scooter is a luxury way for relaxation. There is no way more effective than short voyage to wipe out the tiredness and pressure of work. Walk and rest as your wishes without worrying about traffic jam and parking space, what a wonderful way it is! Airwheel intelligent power scooter can give you free short voyage to relax and recover from tiring work quickly.


Are you so worn out after one-day-work that you do not even want to move your fingers? However, your pet dog is waiting for you to walk with it. OK, walk with it by riding Airwheel, such as E6 electric assist bicycle and enjoy every day with your pet dog. Indeed, it is not hard to take care of your pet dog with Airwheel, your can enjoy every minute with your pet dog.

With Airwheel, you can also own the perfect life as others. Just act to ride Airwheel, it is easy to have the leisure life.

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