03, April 2017: The shell of Airwheel C8 smart helmet is made from strong plastic ABS and has passed rigorous tests on extrusion, impact and high temperature. Therefore, it will give riders the maximum protection in racing. In addition, C8 racing helmethas function of shooting, one key to answer a call, playing music and monitoring house. It is a magical helmet.

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Car racing or motorcycle racing is one of popular games among young people. Fast speed is the ost obviousfeature of racing. Therefore, protection for head is especially important and a type of professional helmet becomes an indispensable equipment. Here suggests a magical helmet: Airwheel C8 full face helmet. It is not only a professional helmet to protectpeople’s head, but also a multifunctional tool in racing. It enjoys such functions as high shooting performance, excellent music experience, convenient one key to answer a call and house monitor.


The shell of Airwheel Ideawheel C8 smart racing helmet is made from strong plastic ABS and meanwhile it has been throughrigorous tests of extrusion, impact and high temperature, which ensures the maximum protection for head. According to aerodynamics, the upper grooves and lower air outlets collect airflow so as to stabilize the cap body. On the basis of head type database, C8 realizes 3D modeling, which can perfectly match people’s head. The adopted one-time foam molding is featured with high hardness and strong shock absorption. The equipped high-quality removable cotton lining offers excellent wearing experience. Above all, people in racing will feel totally safe and comfortable.


In addition, Airwheel C8 Smart helmet many other extraordinaryfunctions. Excellent shooting performance comes very first, which benefits from precise, exquisite and high quality lens. The operation is quite easy: one click to shoot. In racing, people can record every unforgettable and wonderful instant. 120-degree large view can capture unexpected frame. One key to have a clear a call is another big breakthrough of C8. The windbreakdesign and denoiser microphoneguarantees clear call quality. The equipped high-end Bluetooth speaker is compatible with mainstream equipment and thus people can listen to music when racing. What is more, it supports non-net video around the clock and becomes a perfect house monitor. It is really magical.

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