14, July 2016: From the year of 2013, Airwheel came into people’s perspective and from then on it left a deep impression for this market. From its six major series intelligent equipment and even the intelligent helmet, it can be concluded that Airwheel has obtained proud achievements in the past years.

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From X series single wheel electric scooter to Q twin-wheeled electric scooter, from A series electric scooter to S series saddle-equipped scooter, from Z series electric standing scooter to M series electric skateboard, and even the intelligent helmet, Airwheel has got quite satisfying fruits since it was founded from 2013.

Committing to be the backbone of intelligent vehicle industry, Airwheel makes unremitting endeavor to develop more practical, portable and safe equipment. Focusing on the details and the real need of most users, it produces lots of humanized self-balancing electric scooters. Meanwhile, Airwheel also lays emphasis on the upgrade of each series product.


One case is the pure innovation relying on key technology. S6 sitting-posture electric scooter possesses both the sitting and standing riding postures at one time which is regarded as the milestone breakthrough. Different from the single standing mode created by Segway, S6 rewrites the algorithm and alters the two shafts drive into three shafts drive with four directions. This historical design also makes intelligent self-balancing to step into the wide application market. Similar cases like Z3self balancing electric scooter, M3 and the smart helmet C5 have their own innovated features too.


Another case shall be the optimization or upgrade based on previous products. S8 double-wheels electric scooter and Z5 standing up electric scooter are the most typical ones. To provide a more comfortable riding experience, Airwheel takes actions and does some optimization on the previous S6 electric walkcar and Z3 2 wheels scooter.


S8 has several places got upgraded, such as the 10-inch tubeless tyres, arc shape control lever and the intelligent taillight system. Z5 alters the cylindrical battery pack into cuboid shape with concealed design and also installs a high-efficiency USB interface for charging daily intelligent devices like cell phones. Now, Airwheel is widely known and recognized by most of the users and gradually becomes an indispensable part of our daily life.

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