17, March 2016: Jane is a worker in a pharmaceutical company in New York city. Jane’s father is 54 years old and has arthritis for nearly 10 years so he cannot walk for a long distance. However, Jane’s father is a sports-lover and likes to see the different scenery. Before he got the disease, he took part in outdoor activities such as running and climbing the mountain to relax himself.


Next week will be the birthday of Jane’s father and Jane plans to buy a present for him. She surfs online to find some inspiration. Suddenly, a novel and stylish kind of vehicle attracts her eye. She clicks the advertisement to find out more details. The newly-developed vehicle is Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter A3 featuring sitting posture which distinguishes itself from other products in the Airwheel family. Its genuine leather and V-shape saddle is designed in accordance with the ergonomic principle, making the riding more comfortable and natural.


Another shape design is the hydraulic shock absorber which brings agile response and stable operation, making a smooth riding even on bumpy roads. In addition, Airwheel A3 is designed with silica gel handle which offers easy operation. Jane thinks it is a good choice because Airwheel A3 will make her father’s daily transportation easier and comfortable.

Besides, although her father is in his 50s, he still loves nature and has a very optimistic attitude towards life. Jane thinks her father will love Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter A3 because it symbolizes youth and intelligence in every details. First, it is decorated with orange and white colors which make the rider feel happy and warm at first sight. Second, its 4-inch display screen shows the speed, temperature, power, mileage and monitor, which is totally at the rider’s control. Finally, she decides to buy one for her father.

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