AGASS — Ashwani Gupta and Associates is a chartered accountants and business consultants firm. It was established by its present CEO, CA Ashwani Gupta in 1978. The firm has been providing auditing, taxation, legal advisory, attorney, company formation, management consultancy, business consultancy and other company matter services to its clients since its inception. It has its headquarters in Jalandhar City, Punjab State, India. The firm has achieved the status of ‘Most loved chartered accountants and business consultancy firm’ on receiving more than 67,000 Facebook likes on its website,


The firm’s Managing Director, CA Rupansh did all the marketing of the firm taking it to this coveted position. On being asked about the techniques used to market the firm, he replied, “Social Media has become very prominent these days. Effective presence on these platforms facilitates direct interaction with people and gives a chance to convey the quality of services provided a business.” It is noteworthy in this regard that CA Rupansh also has degree of Master of Business Administration from Ohio University in marketing.


In an interview with CEO CA Ashwani Gupta, he stated, “Marketing is an integral part of any business, whether it may be a manufacturing concern or a service provider. A business may provide quality services to its clients but that can only happen when clients are brought in through effective marketing.”

Surely, effective marketing is the foundation of every business in this competitive world and this firm understands this fact completely.

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