29/11/2019, Delhi: Stem cell transplantation or bone marrow transplant is a treatment procedure in which the damaged stem cells of a patient are replaced with healthy stem cells.

The stem cells have unique properties that allow them to divide continuously and produce different types of blood cells; these newly formed cells replace the older and worn-out blood cells in the body. The stem cells can generate billions of new blood cells every day. When cancer or cancer treatments destroy the stem cells, stem cell transplantation becomes the most effective treatment option.

Affordable stem cell transplant to recover from Leukaemia or Thalassemia

Before stem cell transplant, the doctors need to prepare the patient for that treatment, which is known as "conditioning treatment". Here, the patients receive high doses of chemotherapy and sometimes radiation therapy to prepare the body for transplantation. After the stem cells are instilled into the patient’s bloodstream, they travel to the bone marrow and start producing new and healthy blood cells.

Stem cell transplant can be conducted in two ways, such as :

Autologous transplantation: Where the doctors can use the patient's cells for the transplant.  In this case, the stem cells are removed before chemotherapy, treated & grown in a lab, and returned to the patient’s body after a conditioning regimen.

Allogeneic transplantation: Here, the stem cells are collected from a donor. A donor may be either a family member or someone who is not related to the patient.

India has become a medical tourism destination offering excellent treatment facilities including stem cell transplantation treatment. Many experienced and skilled surgeons are available in India to provide the best transplantation treatment with the desired outcome. Compare to other developed countries like the USA, stem cell transplantation cost in India is much reasonable. It is about 20 – 30 % lower than in other developed countries. Along with excellent stem cell transplantation facilities at an affordable cost, Indian medical service organizations are helping the international patients with additional essential requirements also, such as doctors’ appointments, medical visa arrangements, accommodation in India, rejuvenation, rehab facilities, and fly back to their country.

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