Canal Fulton, OH — Internet marketing and a company’s online presence are rapidly becoming the benchmarks for driving new business to a company. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most effective way to spread the word about a business and increase the company’s online presence over the long-term. Affordable SEO Services guarantees that they have the lowest prices in the world for the ethical work that they provide, and the pricing packages they have can fit the needs of any size business.

Just like any other marketing campaign  SEO does cost money, and it should be considered a long-term investment in the future of the company. For small businesses, Affordable SEO Services offers a $175/month package that has all of the basic services that an SEO company provides, but does not include the most aggressive SEO approaches. This package is terrific for niche businesses or companies that are limited to a specific geographic area. The other extreme is the large corporate package for $4800/month, which includes all of the services an SEO company can provide. This package is primarily for companies that are in ultra competitive keyword markets and who need an aggressive SEO campaign to carve out some market share. All of the campaigns in this category are month to month contracts, so the client can cancel at any time.

Affordable SEO Services also has more long-term projects that come with a guarantee. The guarantee is that Affordable SEO Services will be able to move the company’s keywords and website up the search engine rankings over the course of the contract. Customers pay 50% of the money upfront, with the rest due at the end of the contract. Guaranteed services require much more time than other services, so the length of the contract is six to twelve months.

Any sized business can benefit from the exposure that Affordable SEO Services provides, and their ethical approach  to SEO brings lasting change to the web presence of their clients. With a range of service tiers and the cheapest prices on SEO services in the world, Affordable SEO Services has a package for any business budget.

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